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Doctoral Alumni

2013 Entering Class Dissertation Title
Dr. Ellen Kozelka Investigating the Role of Cultural Environment in Addiction Treatment and Recovery in the United States-México Border Zone
2011 Entering Class Dissertation Title
Dr. Amrita Kurian In Pursuit of Quality: The Politics of Expertise and Transforming Agrarian Geographies in India
Dr. Aida Ribot Bencomo Castells in the Construction of a Catalan Community: body, language, and identity amidst Catalonia's national debate
Dr. Michael Berman Heart of a heartless world: Compassion, alientation, and the formation of liberal secularism in contemporary Japan
Dr. Caroline Horton Lew The Social Brain in Williams Syndrome: Cellular Disturbances of the Orbitofrontal Cortex and the Amygdala in a Disorder of Social Cognition
2010 Entering Class Dissertation Title

Dr. Mikael Fauvelle

Proyecto Arqueológico Fracción Mujular: A History of Continuity, Change, and Regional Interaction at a small-Scale Settlement on the Pacific Coast of Chiapas, Mexico

Dr. Branka Hrvoj Mihic

Social cognition in Williams syndrome: insights from the organization of prefrontal microcircuitry

Dr. Corinna Most

Primates in a land of plenty: The socio-ecological context of infant development in wild olive baboons (Papio anubis)

2009 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Leanne Williams

Sin and Sovereignty: Relations of Moral Responsibility and Human Freedom among Urban Baptists in Zimbabwe

Dr. Sara Goico

The Social Lives of Deaf Youth in Iquitos, Peru

Dr. Sowparnika Balaswaminathan

Casting Selves: Tradition, Practice, and Ethics in an Artisan Community in India

Dr. Melanie Beasley

Seasonal precipitation at a 3.97 Ma Australopithecus anamensis site, Allia Bay, Kenya

Dr. Waqas Butt

Life in the Wastelands: Work, Infrastructures, and Value in Urban Pakistan

Dr. Kiri Hagerman

Domestic Ritual and Identity in the Teotihuacan State: Exploring Regional Processes of Social Integration Through Ceramic Figurines

Dr. Kari Hanson

Neural substrates of impaired behavioral inhibition in Williams syndrome, a disorder of social congnition

Dr. Raquel Pacheco

The Promise of Gender Progress: the civilizing project of biopolitical citizenship

Dr. Haleema Welji

Learning to be "Good": The Ethics of Socialization and the Socialization of Ethics in Amman, Jordan

2008 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Adam Schneider The Perfect Storm: A New Multicausal Model of the Political Collapse of Titris Hoyuk, an Early Bronze Age City-State in Southeastern Anatolia
Dr. John Dulin


Intelligible Tolerance, Ambiguous Tensions, Antagonistic Revelations: Patterns of Muslim-Christian Coexistence in Orthodox Christian Majority Ethiopia
Dr. Esin Duzel Utopia and Its Discontents: Gender, Morality and Political Subjectivity in Turkey's Kurdistan
Dr. Natasa Garic Humphrey Nothing is Going to be Named After You”: Ethical Citzenship Among Citizen Activists in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Dr. Aaron Gidding Approaches to Production and Distribution in Anthropological Archaeology: Views from the Early Bronze Age of Jordan and Israel
Dr. Nofit, Itzhak Still Transformations: Mediating Presence in a Catholic Charismatic Humanitarian Mission
Dr. Ian Jones Economy, Society, and Small-Scale Industry: Social Approaches to Middle Islamic Period Copper Production in Southern Jordan
Dr. Nancy Peniche May Building power: Political Dynamics in Cahal Pech, Belize during the Middle Preclassic
Dr. Paula Saravia Ujuk Usu. Medicine, Tuberculosis and Race among the Aymara of the border between Bolivia and Chile
Dr. Alexis Tucker Sade Incorporating the Archipelago: The Imposition and Acculturation of the Solomon Islands State

2007 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. David Keyes F£tbol Americano: Immigration, Social Capital, and Youth Soccer in Southern California
Dr. Melanie McComsey Bilingual Spaces: Approaches to Linguistic Relativity in Bilingual Mexico
Dr. Amy Rothschild Victims and Veterans: Memory, Nationalism, and Human Rights in Post-Independence Timor-Leste
Dr. Andrew Somerville Leporids, Landscapes, and Social-Environmental Dynamics in Arid North America: Stable Isotope Analysis of Rabbit and Hare Bones from Modern and Archaeological Sites
Dr. Alex Stewart Individual Paths to the Global Ummah: Islamic Revival and Ethnic Identity in Northwest China

2006 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Sarah Baitzel

The Politics of Death and Identity in Provincial Tiwanaku Society (A.D. 600-1100)


Technology and Social Process: Oscillations in Iron Age Copper Production and Power in Southern Jordan

Dr. Alicia Boswell

Chimu and Inca Frontier Interactions: A Local Study of the Moche Valley chaupiyunga, north coast of Peru

Dr. William Dawley

Wrestling with God:  Peer Groups, the “Reformation of Machismo,” and the “Restructuring of Latin American religion” in San Carlos, Costa Rica

Dr. Kyle Knabb

Long-term socioeconomic strategies in ancient Jordan: rural perspectives from the Iron Age through the Roman Period

Dr. Jessica Novak

Communicable Emotions, Contagious Insecurity: Subjective Well-Being and Pro-Social Resilience in Cartagena, Colombia

2005 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Ted Gideonse

Risky Subjectivity: The Effects of Cultural Discourses of Addiction on Methamphetamine Using HIV+Men Who Have Sex with Men in San Diego

Dr. Charlotte van den Hout

Hysteria on the Borderline: Mental Illness, Cultural Change, and Subjective Experience Among Women in Morocco

Dr. Whitney Duncan Johnson

The Culture of Mental Health in a Changing Oaxaca

Dr. John McGraw

Divination and Decision-Making: Ritual Techniques of Distributed Cognition in the Guatemalan Highlands

Dr. Ana Paula Pimental Walker

Face-to-Face Citizenship: the Effects, Ethics, and Aesthetics of Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Dr. Marisa Peeters

Transforming self and society: Pentecostal ethics of care and forms of social world-making in post-war San Salvador

2004 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Eli Elinoff

Architectures of Citizenship: Democracy, Development, and the Politics of Participation in Thailand's Railway Communities

Dr. Naomi Haynes

Ambitious Obligations: Pentecostalism, Social Life, and Political Economy on the Zambian Copperbelt

Dr. Timothy Karis

Ties that Mobilize: Migration, Native Place, and the Politics of Belonging in Urban Vietnam

Dr. Edward F. Kennedy

The Politics of Representing the Past in Bolivia

Dr. Julia Klimova

Russian Spiritual Soil and the Retrieval of the Orthodox Christian Identity among Post-Soviet Immigrants to the United States

Dr. Anna Pagano

Health in Black and White: Debates on Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in Brazil

Dr. Alexander K. Piel

Savanna Sounds: Using Remote Acoustic Sensing to Study Spatiotemporal Patterns in Wild Chimpanzee Loud Vocalizations in the Issa Valley, Ugalla, Western Tanzania

Dr. Beth Peterson Roselyn

Conflict Management in Captive Bonobos (Pan paniscus): Valuable Relationships, Relationship Repair, and Third-Party Interactions with Aggressors

Dr. Noga Shemer

Public Ideologies and Personal Meaning-Making in Postcolonial Grenada

2003 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Ulrike Ulli Green

Controlling Food Production and Consumption - Wari Imperial Strategies at Cerro Trapiche, Moquegua

Dr. F. Candler Hallman

Debating Death: Discourse and Legitimacy in the Northern Irish victims' rights movement

Dr. Sonja A. Schwake

The Social Implications of Ritual Behavior in the Maya Lowlands: A Perspective from the Maya site of Minanha, Belize

Dr. Elizabeth Peacok

Growing Out of a Postsocialist World: Teenagers Reconstructing Identities in Western Ukraine

Dr. Brendan Thornton

The Cultural Politics of Evangelical Christianity in the Dominican Republic

2002 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Marc Beherec

Nomads in Transition: Mortuary Archaeology in the Lowlands of Edom (Jordan)

Dr. Tara Carter

Rethinking Secondary State Formation in Medieval Iceland: Trade and Social Connectivity in the Norse Economic Territory

Dr. Sandra Chacko

“Why Do Females Live in Groups? Dominance, Grooming, and Experimental Testing of the Effects of Food Distribution on the Behavior of Commensal Bonnet Macaque (Macaca radiata) Females

Dr. Andrew W. Froehle

Physical Activity and Metabolic Physiology in Postmenopausal Women: An Evolutionary Approach

Dr. Katherine Miller

A Spiritual Development: Islam, Volunteerism and International Development in the Hunza Valley, Northern Pakistan

Dr. Heather M. Spector

Lure of the Intimate: Power Practices in Japanese Adolescent Friendship


Suburban Citizenship

2001 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Nicole Barger

“Social Behavior from a Comparative Neuroanatomical Perspective: The Amygdala in Human Evolution"

Dr. Ashwin Budden BUDDEN

Moral Worlds and Therapeutic Quests: A study of medical pluralism and treatment seeking in the Lower Amazon

Dr. Alyssa Noelani CRITTENDEN

Allomaternal Care and Juvenile Foraging among theHazda: Implications for the Evolution of Cooperative Breeding in Humans

Dr. Jason A. DANELY

Departure and Return: Abandonment, Memorial and Aging in Japan


Secondary State Formation During the Early Iron Age onthe Island of Sri Lanka: The Evolution of a Periphery


All This Dies with Us: The Decline and Revision of a Mestizo Gentry (Chumbivilcas, Cuzco, Peru)

Dr. Neil Gordon SMITH

Social Boundaries and State Formation in Ancient Edom:A comparative ceramic approach

Dr. Kate Teffer

Comparative Analysis of the Spatial Organization of Neurons in Hominoids, With a Focus on the Prefrontal Cortex

Dr. Jeffrey Wescott

“The Good Lake, the Possible Sea:Ethics and Environment in Northern Vanuatu”

2000 Entering Class

Dissertation Title


Ideologies of Language and Gesture among Q'eqchi'-Maya Mainstream and Charismatic Catholics

Dr. Leslie LEWIS

Piety and Activism in Egypt: Reflections on Framing, Motivation, Contradiction, and Desire

Dr. Adolfo MUNIZ

Feeding the Periphery: Modeling Changing Early Bronze Age Environments and the Cultural Landscape of the Wadi Fidan, Southern Jordan


Devoted Abandonment: The Children Left Behind by Parental Emigration in Ecuador

Dr. Natalie M. SCHENKER

Comparative Analysis of Broca's Area in Hominoids

Dr. Ryan E. SCHRAM

Feast of Water: Christianity and the EconomicTransformation of a Melanesian Society

1969 Entering Class

Dissertation Title

Dr. Peter W. BLACK

Neo-Tobian Culture: Modern Life on a Micronesian Atoll

Dr. Michael L. CHATFIELD

Interpersonal Conflict in a Colombian Town

Dr. Eleanor R. GERBER

The Cultural Patterning of Emotions in Samoa

Dr. Manisha Dasgupta ROY

Ideal and Compensatory Roles in the Life Cycle of Upper-Class Bengali Women