Course Offerings 2016-2017

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Course #
Course Name
Fall ANTH 230 Department Colloquium  Suzanne A. Brenner
Fall ANTH 223 Anthropological Interviewing Steven Parish
Fall ANTH 280A Core Seminar in Social Anthropology David E. Pedersen
Fall ANTH 280D Core Seminar in Anthropological Archaeology Geoffrey E. Braswell
Fall ANTH 281A Introductory Seminar Thomas J. Csordas
Fall ANTH 284 Master Writing Practicum Nancy Postero
Fall ANTH 285 Grants Writing Practicum Guillermo Algaze
Winter ANTH 230 Department Colloquium Suzanne A. Brenner
Winter ANTH 201 Special Topics in Anthropological Archaeology Thomas E. Levy
Winter ANTH 213 Anthropology and Mental Health Janis H. Jenkins
Winter ANTH 251 The Ethnography of Modernity Suzanne A. Brenner
Winter ANTH 280C Core Seminar in Psychological Anthropology Saiba Varma
Winter ANTH 280F Core Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology John B. Haviland
Winter ANTH 281B Introductory Seminar Thomas J. Csordas
Spring ANTH 215 Advanced Topics in Sociocultural Anthropology David E. Pedersen
Spring ANTH 230 Department Colloquium Suzanne A. Brenner
Spring ANTH 250 Anth of Human Rights Nancy Postero
Spring ANTH 260 Seminar in Medical and Psychological Anthropology Varma, Saiba
Spring ANTH 264 Human Evolutionary Genetics  Amy Non
Spring ANTH 265 Marine and Coastal Archaeology: Israel and the Neighboring Lands  Assaf Yasur-Landau
Spring ANTH 266 Anthropology of Love Dredge Kang
Spring ANTH 280B Core Seminar in Cultural Anthropology Joseph Hankins
Spring ANTH 280E Core Seminar in Biological Anthropology Shirley C. Strum
Spring ANTH 288 Archaeology Practicum Geoffrey E. Braswell
Spring ANTH 292 Social Evolution/Iron Age Levant Thomas E. Levy