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Undergraduate students are encouraged to join the Anthropology Club at UC San Diego.  Participate in a coalition of students and faculty interested in all branches of Anthropology. 

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Check out the UC San Diego Anthropology Graduate Student Association and discover what our graduate students are curently involved in.

Recent Anthropology News:

What Makes Humans Social? Neurodevelopmental study on Williams Syndrome may give clues. Research on the rare genetic condition, which produces individuals with extremely sociable personalities, may also shed light on biology and behavior of persons with autism and other social disorders. Coverage of the Nature paper by Professor Katerina Semendeferi of Anthropology, and graduate students Branka Hrvoj and Kari Hanson, along with colleagues at UC San Diego Health Sciences and the Salk Institute – included Live Science, Daily Mail and Times of San Diego.

Professor Saiba Varma and her collaborator Emma Varley have been awarded a Wenner-Gren Post-PhD Research Grant (2016-2017) for our project "Occupied Health Systems: Medicine, Hospitals and Politics in Kashmir."