Major Requirements

The Anthropology major consists of 12 upper division courses (48.0 units). There are no lower division requirements. Students must select one of the following as a concentration: Archaeology, Biology or Socio-Cultural. All courses must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.
Please note: Lower division courses can overlap between your major, minor and college requirements. Students may overlap two upper division courses between your major and minor by submitting a request in the VAC.

   Core Classes

  • ANTH 101: Foundations of Social Complexity
  • ANTH 102: Humans Are Cultural Animals
  • ANTH 103: Sociocultural Anthropology

   Upper Division Concentration Courses   

  • ArchaeologyANAR courses
  • BiologicalANBI courses
  • Sociocultural: ANSC courses
    • Any THREE of the following: ANSC 118, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125) &
    • ONE ANSC w/region, country or religion focus


    Upper Division Electives


What is Archaeological Anthropology?

The study of human history and prehistory through excavation of sites and analysis of artifacts and other physical remains.

What is Biological Anthropology?

The study of the physical development of the human species in the context of other primates.

What is Sociocultural Anthropology?

The study of cultural variation among humans embedded in its historical and social context.

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How to apply?

You can apply for Anthropology major at any time by using the Major/Minor tool.

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