Minor Requirements

Minoring in Anthropology is as easy as 7 courses...

Five of the seven required courses must be upper division.

    upper division classes

  • THREE MUST be from 1 concentration:
    • Archaeological Concentration  (ANAR)
    • Biological Concentration (ANBI)
    • Sociocultrual Concentration (ANSC)

    other Anthropology classes!

How to apply?

You can apply for one of the Anthropology minors at any time by using the Major/Minor tool.

When listing courses on the application, only list course numbers and titles for courses you have already completed or are currently enrolled in. For courses not yet completed, please list as follows:

  • Subject Code: ANTH
  • Course No: LD or UD
  • Title: Anthropology Elective
  • Institution: UCSD
  • Units: 4.00
  • Grade Options: Letter

Course offerings

Prerequisite clearance

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