Medical Anthropology and Global Health in South Asia - Global Seminar

Application Deadline: April 4th, 2017

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Course Description

ANSC 190GS Medicine and Healing in South Asia: This course introduces students to the field of medical anthropology as it pertains to South Asia. This course will be divided into two parts. First, we will analyze how religious, cultural, political and economic structures impact health and wellbeing. Second, we will look at ethnomedicine, that is, how local systems of healing provide alternative ideas of illness and health, such as medical pluralism and Ayurveda. 

ANSC 191GS Everyday Life in South Asia: While this course offers an in-depth engagement with a specific region of the world, South Asia has also been a key site from which scholars have thought through major themes, including social organization, everyday life, religion, nationalism, violence/conflict, and globalization. As such, this course also offers an engagement with anthropological theory, which will allow you to question and deconstruct dominant clichés about South Asia. 

Meet the Professor

Professor Saiba Varma

Professor Saiba Varma is a medical and cultural anthropologist working on questions of violence, medicine, psychiatry, and politics as they pertain to Indian-controlled Kashmir and South Asia more generally. She spent twenty months doing ethnographic research in Kashmir. In her research, she explores how spaces of psychiatric and humanitarian care confront, but also become microcosms of, the broader politics that characterize life in Kashmir.

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