Development, Human Rights, and Environmental Justice in India - Global Seminar

Application Deadline: April 4th, 2017

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Course Description

ANSC 192GS. Rethinking Development:This course examines the colonial roots of poverty and inequality and the production of development as a social, political, and economic field. Focusing on India, we will look at current and past development strategies like rural development, womens empowerment, and microfinance, to consider the possibilities and limitations of development as a means of eradicating poverty and creating social change. Finally, we ask how Western liberal notions of growth and industrialization might be complemented by Buddhist notions of compassion, community, and interdependence.

ANSC 193GS. Human Rights Environmental Justice:In a moment when our planet faces destruction due to climate change, this class offers a space to rethink human beings relation to the environment. Can we say that there is a human right to enjoy life on this planet? How do social hierarchies, like race, class, and gender, structure such rights? What is environmental justice? What are the spiritual, moral, and legal foundations for environmental justice? How are struggles for land, environmental safety, and climate change made more visible or legitimate by framing them as human rights? We will think about these questions by focusing in part on case studies from India.

Meet the Professor

Professor Nancy Postero

Nancy Postero is a member of the Anthropology Department and Director of the Human Rights Program at UC San Diego. Her research examines the relation between race, politics, and political economy. Prior to coming to UC San Diego in 2001, she was a criminal defense and human rights attorney and a journalist.

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