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Special Topics Descriptions

Fall 2017 Special Topics Descriptions

ANAR 100. Special Topics in Anthropological Archaeology

"Population and Food"

Instructor: Jade D'Alpoim Guedes

Description: Climate change, population growth, ecological degradation and changing sociopolitical contexts mean that securing the world’s food supply is one of the greatest challenges of our times. What did humans eat in the past and what and how should we eat and farm to guide a sustainable future? You will learn how humans relationship with food has changed over the course of their evolution and how humans first starting cultivating the foods we rely on today. We will also compare these early developments to the modern food crisis using three key examples. We will examine traditional ecological knowledge in farming systems around the world asking the question: what makes these systems adapted and sustainable to their local environment? We will then focus on the goals of the Green Revolution and the development of high yielding hybrid plants, pesticides and improved irrigation systems. We will look at these farming system’s successes and failures throughout the world. Finally, we turn our attention to the last 20 years, when humans began to modify plant life at the genetic level. You will learn what a GMO is (and what it is not!) and about the potential benefits and shortcomings of biotechnology.

Freshman Seminar Descriptions

Fall 2017 Freshman Seminar Descriptions

ANTH 87. Freshman Seminar

"Global Beauty"

Instructor: Dredge Kang

Description: This first year seminar examines ideas around beauty, body modification, and social transformation with a focus on culture and power in the USA and East Asia. We will explore racialized practices such as skin lightening and darkening, cosmetic surgery of the eyes and nose, fatness, tattooing, hair styling, and the recent popularity of Korean beauty products.

ANTH 87. Freshman Seminar

"Discover Anthropology"

Instructor: Katerina Semendeferi

Description: The seminar introduces students to the various disciplines within anthropology, library and laboratory resources, faculty research and mentoring opportunities in the department.

Winter 2018 Freshman Seminar Descriptions

ANTH 87. Freshman Seminar

"The Aztecs"

Instructor: David Jordan

Description: This seminar will explore the origins and evolution of pre-Columbian Aztec society and culture. Sources are a mix of archaeological, early colonial writings and some ethnographic material.

ANTH 87. Freshman Seminar


Instructor: David Jordan

Description: This seminar will examine the history of Taiwan and the evolution of popular culture in Taiwan in recent decades. Sources will largely be ethnographic descriptions and analyses of Taiwan life.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses

Anthropology DEI Courses

ANTH 21. Race and Racisms

ANTH 23. Debating Multiculturalism: Race, Ethnicity, and Class in American Societies

ANTH 43. Introduction to Biology and Culture of Race

ANBI 131. Biology and Culture of Race

ANSC 113. Language, Style, and Youth Identities

ANSC 122. Language and Society

ANSC 131. Language, Law, and Social Justice

ANSC 145. Indigenous Peoples of North America

ANSC 162. Language, Identity and Community

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